Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Make-Up Shenanigans

We have a LOVE_HATE relationship with our makeup routine. We sure love how it enhances our petite looks like a super star while on the other hand we totally abhor the mess it creates. I mean there are up to more thousands tutorials on internet on how to get it right. But we woman only so much know about it. It takes up an hour to put that lipstick inside the lip lines let alone achieve that party look in five minutes. So sit back and take a laugh with Bling Station with the conundrums make up throws in our everyday life. We girl sure know how to laugh at our daily miseries and we just don’t know how to take a joke but also create one out of out failures. Let’s go girls…
1. When you use the wrong foundation shade…

And end up looking like a ghost!... I mean even your mom could not tell whether you burnt yourself or just got anemic in the past hour.

2. You carefully tried perfecting the smoky eye.

No matter how hard we try to get that hot smoky look but we sort of end up looking like we got sucker punched in the face.

3. Drawing a shaky eyeliner line.

We might as well be declared as post drug rehab patient when we have that kohl brush in our hand. We make such shaky lines that we have to start all over again! It really is the struggle of all struggles.

4. And those wings are even worse!

Even if you did get it right, how the hell are you going to get it even on the other side? That’s the cruel fate we all face for having a pair of eyes.

5. When you wear bright lipstick…
And it ends up on your teeth and your chin. Hello, humiliation central!

6. Using a bit of mascara… and it spreads onto your skin!

Even worse – you somehow end up with spidery, clumpy lashes.

7. Applying liquid liner or mascara and then blinking or sneezing!

The raccoon look will never be in, unfortunately. I mean it took hours to get it settled right and just few seconds to turn into Bellatrix from Harry Potter from Scarlet Johansson from Avengers.
8. Your makeup never ends up like it does in a YouTube tutorial.

Those videos are lying to you! They jump from Step 1 to Step 10. Even we the women who work at best jewellery website “Bling Station” feel those make up tutorials are a big dupe.

9. Carefully applying red lipstick and your dad says he hates it.
And your boyfriend agrees!
10. Contouring, Blending, baking – how are you supposed to keep up with it all?!
You spend a fortune on these products and you still can’t get them to work on your face!

11. You accidentally apply too much blush.
Even though you’re not planning on running away to join the circus!

12. Applying a full face of makeup that turns oily/ sweaty.
Quick, get out the compact powder.

13. You accidentally rub your eyes.

Oh hell, your eye makeup has smudged EVERYWHERE!

14. Covering up a zit…

And it ends up with those ugly cracks around it.

When your silverbracelets and silver rings get caught in the cute hairstyle and then the ruckus it creates all over your face. We have all been there. 

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