Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The perfect Indian Attire for that BIG DAY in Office

There is nothing more powerful and beautiful at the same time than an Indian Attire. If you have a big day coming right around the corner then I suggest staying glued to this blog till the very end. Because ladies I am going to give you the perfect power point top to toe Desi girl/totally work appropriate attire. And the best part about it is you don’t have to feel the speculative fall in your wallet to achieve it. Let’s get started.

1.  The Power of RED
The red becomes powerful if you go for the right material and print. Choose something that fights you right on every angle. Select for prints rather than embroidery. And the prints should limit themselves to borders only. All in all red means red as  power not red as didi ki shaadi RED. Sober your choice like you are next online to give speech on NDTV.

2.  Palazzo over Patiala or Leggings
Ever since these palazzos made a comeback in the fashion industry we have been crushing over them. Good thing is they are totally acceptable in office. They give a fierce look to your kurtis and calm look to your shirts. They are literally the definition of ice and fire together. Pick black flared palazzo to go with your red kurti. Trust me the girls who have insecurities of height are going to love them too.

3.  Nude Pumps
They are the right definition of official. They apart from giving you the right posture also give you the pain free selection. They go with everything. Pick the right fit as you are going to spend all your day in them.

4.  Accessorize
Since it is a official make over not shaadi get together so I will suggest to go for really light earrings and no other accessories. To buy the given one in the picture log on to BLING STATION. They are the fashion hub of accessories. 

5.  BAG IT
No look book is complete without a purse. And complete desi attire is only complete with a jute bag. They are eco-friendly. They are produced largely in India and they are now available in designs. If you want to buy women jute bags online just log on to BLING STATION. They have the best designer jute bags online.


Make-Up Shenanigans

We have a LOVE_HATE relationship with our makeup routine. We sure love how it enhances our petite looks like a super star while on the other hand we totally abhor the mess it creates. I mean there are up to more thousands tutorials on internet on how to get it right. But we woman only so much know about it. It takes up an hour to put that lipstick inside the lip lines let alone achieve that party look in five minutes. So sit back and take a laugh with Bling Station with the conundrums make up throws in our everyday life. We girl sure know how to laugh at our daily miseries and we just don’t know how to take a joke but also create one out of out failures. Let’s go girls…
1. When you use the wrong foundation shade…

And end up looking like a ghost!... I mean even your mom could not tell whether you burnt yourself or just got anemic in the past hour.

2. You carefully tried perfecting the smoky eye.

No matter how hard we try to get that hot smoky look but we sort of end up looking like we got sucker punched in the face.

3. Drawing a shaky eyeliner line.

We might as well be declared as post drug rehab patient when we have that kohl brush in our hand. We make such shaky lines that we have to start all over again! It really is the struggle of all struggles.

4. And those wings are even worse!

Even if you did get it right, how the hell are you going to get it even on the other side? That’s the cruel fate we all face for having a pair of eyes.

5. When you wear bright lipstick…
And it ends up on your teeth and your chin. Hello, humiliation central!

6. Using a bit of mascara… and it spreads onto your skin!

Even worse – you somehow end up with spidery, clumpy lashes.

7. Applying liquid liner or mascara and then blinking or sneezing!

The raccoon look will never be in, unfortunately. I mean it took hours to get it settled right and just few seconds to turn into Bellatrix from Harry Potter from Scarlet Johansson from Avengers.
8. Your makeup never ends up like it does in a YouTube tutorial.

Those videos are lying to you! They jump from Step 1 to Step 10. Even we the women who work at best jewellery website “Bling Station” feel those make up tutorials are a big dupe.

9. Carefully applying red lipstick and your dad says he hates it.
And your boyfriend agrees!
10. Contouring, Blending, baking – how are you supposed to keep up with it all?!
You spend a fortune on these products and you still can’t get them to work on your face!

11. You accidentally apply too much blush.
Even though you’re not planning on running away to join the circus!

12. Applying a full face of makeup that turns oily/ sweaty.
Quick, get out the compact powder.

13. You accidentally rub your eyes.

Oh hell, your eye makeup has smudged EVERYWHERE!

14. Covering up a zit…

And it ends up with those ugly cracks around it.

When your silverbracelets and silver rings get caught in the cute hairstyle and then the ruckus it creates all over your face. We have all been there. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Things you do if Patience is not your strong suit

We people at Bling station are highly hard working people and we work on deadlines as we have to maintain you with high fashion details on tips. But one thing we people can relate to is not having patience. Likewise we know some of you are habitat to these twelve things.

1. Jumping to conclusions is your favorite hobby
Since the whatsapp message didn’t go blue tick in next 10 seconds the other person is either dead or just doesn’t care. You don’t even wait if the company you applied for job takes more than 48 hours to reply. You simply take it as declined.
2. I want to know. Now.
Suspense movies gossip shows are not our best choices. You just simply can’t wait for three years to find out how did Sherlock killed Moriarty and saved himself. I mean you will make sure you are alerted about everything that is happening around you even the surprise birthday party your friends are throwing you.

3. You always have something or the other to say…
Same way keeping secrets is also one hell of a task. Somebody must always know all your secrets and things that happened. I mean to some extent impatient people make the best beau as they can’t keep a secret. You live by the words “Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead”.
4. But it can be a good thing!
Another perk here is once you know the plan you will work for it. You just can’t wait for things to let them take their own pace. For me once I know about any new jewelry fashion I have to incorporate it into my followers life through blog and articles.

5. The wait. Ugh.
Waiting is suicidal for us. We performed and we delivered we can’t wait to hear back. I mean the results are the thing that keeps us awake in night. We can’t just sit ducks and wait for the honks; we are the ones that poke the bear.

6. You need the whole story.
You just simply can’t speak with people who takes ages to set plot to spill the gossip. “Once upon a time” stories just don’t work for you. You get frustrated and simply ask for the whole story straight forward.

7. Follow-ups!
We keep the constant tab on people who have things to tell us. I mean we are not patient people we can’t wait for you to call us we will set reminders to email and call you to get the routine follow ups. We also make good sales agents, just saying…
8. Just grow back again, will you?
The relationship with your hair is even more complicated than Ross and Rachel. You want them short in summers and then can’t wait to grow like Rapunzel till winter. I mean Rome was not built in a day is a myth to us. 
9. I need to wear it NOW.
You have buy jewellery online and it is delivered. You are not going to wait for the proper occasion to wear that statement necklace. I mean its mine and I will wear it now.

10. You hate standing in lines.
One serious problem with us at most places and our brain sarcastically just speaks up, “Do those queues everywhere ever end???!!!
We can’t wait to hear from you that you want to buy jewelry online from our website.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bargaining Tips for Retail Shoppers

When it comes to retail shopping we always want to have the bargaining chip, like literally. It's an integral part of our shopping, even if it means that the shopkeeper ends up giving the discount after doubling the price first. We take it on our ego if we aren't able to haggle and save some money. Retail bargaining skills are pretty popular worldwide but if you think you're not a great negotiator when you go shopping, here are 12 very simple ways for you to master the art. But of course you can just shop from Bling Station for accessories at the bare minimum prices and save your sweet voice from all that argument in the heat and street. Let’s start it for the amateurs…

Believe that everything is negotiable.

This is the first rule to a successful bargain. You must believe that the price of everything in the shop is negotiable.

2. Exclaim in disbelief right after hearing the price.

Just when the shopkeeper quotes the price, immediately exclaim in disbelief! Be surprised as if he's trying to rob you, and repeat the price with an extra emphasis on it. Extra points for sounding dramatic.

3. If the shopkeeper cuts the price down once, take cue!

If you sense that the shopkeeper is ready to work out the price, and takes it down a bit, seize the opportunity. Now is your real test to push for more.

4. Buying more than one item is a ticket to discount.

If you're buying something in more quantity, it's your legal right to get a discount. Well, not really. But assuming this will help boost your confidence. So, even if it's a fixed price shop, the shopkeeper should feel that you're doing him a favor by buying more than one piece. Like you can buy designer rings and bangles online at Bling Station on going discount season.

5. Liked something? Never ever show it!

You've shortlisted the item you want to purchase and even imagined how it would look on you. What next? Well, never let the shopkeeper know about your true feelings. Pretend to be indifferent. Because once you let it slip that you love something, you roll the ball in his court!

6. Pretend to walk away.
This is the shoppers' trump card. As much as you've set your heart on something, you cannot act desperate. If the shopkeeper isn't on the same page as you, quote your final price and prepare to make a move. But don't forget to make it look like it's the last call for him to sell you the piece. Chances are that you will get your deal!

7. Compare the price
Let the shopkeeper know that you're an aware customer and that the store three blocks away is selling it for a lesser price. Note his reaction and make a case accordingly.

8. Play the regular customer card.
Even if you visited the shop only once before, consider yourself a regular customer. Assert this point and make the shopkeeper realise that letting you go will be a grave mistake.

9. Complain that your friend bought the same thing for a lesser price.

Doesn't matter if it's true, it's your duty to remind him that he sold the same stuff to your friend for a lesser price. Act like you're saving him from being partial and unfair.

10. Point out towards the poor quality.

Take a good look at the item and tell the shopkeeper about how you think that it is the poorest quality stuff you've ever seen. He will tell you about its qualities but ignore all that and proceed with your argument anyway. But if you are actually concerned about good quality accessories then you can buy bracelets online from Bling Station.

11. Try handing him the money

This one's a bit of an aggressive strategy. Take out the amount of money you want to buy that stuff for, and hand it over to him. It might need a little physical exercise, as the shopkeeper will snap away. But don't just give up easily. Also, behave like you're such a generous customer!

12. Be Confident.
Even if you've quoted a bizarre price, stand your ground. Confidence is the key to becoming a successful bargainer.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Addiction of American Serials…

If the mere thought of getting comfy in your duvet and watching your favorite TV Show gets you super excited, then we totally hear you missy! There’s no shame in loving fictional characters more than real people. We people at Bling Station can’t get over few of them ourselves and while I noticed the stigma signs in cafeteria break it also became the blog topic of Bling Station usual fun finder facts. Here are some telltale signs that you are as addicted as us…

1. Some people are addicting to shopping, some to alcohol, some to smoking….

This is your vice – and the world better deal with it. I mean you could be addicted to so much worse that eats away your money and health but I say it is a very healthy addiction.

2. Only you know the happiness your heart feels when you watch a new show and start to love it.

Life is beautiful, really. For those who haven’t watched few all time favorites of American Series need to Google “FRIENDS”. And when you get obsessed with Phoebe’s beaded bracelets you need to rush back to Bling Station to get them.

3. The hustle to get the latest episodes as they release them is real.

And you’ve never worked so hard for anything in your whole damn life! You just can’t wait to see the clock strikes the damn time. While you want to kill the time waiting for it Check out Bling station latest addition to rings online section.

4. You get super stoked when Netflix adds your favorite Series

Like, it was about time. Don’t you think?

5. To you Netflix and Chill is a very literal thing.

And no canoodling was ever involved. I mean while watching pretty little liars all you want is for the world to just shut up. You want to concentrate at Hanna’s accessories collection. And then just buy bangles online of the same kind at Bling Station.

6. That weird way in which time just flies when you’re watching a TV show.

What? I’m already on Season 3? HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?! I mean I swear I promised myself to watch one episode per day. But well the old habits die hard right?

7. You don’t experience FOMO when people talk about clubbing or partying.

But if anyone talks about a TV show that you haven’t watched…. You make it your next mission to know all about that series. I mean if its group discussion enabled then it is got to be watchable.

8. You dream about getting home from college/work just so you can watch your favorite shows.

Why is time not passing? Why aren’t we allowed to watch at least one episode as relaxing technique in office? I mean it should be a law already right? Let it be I will watch it on my phone on my way back home.

9. Apparently people do this when they don’t have other plans.

But to you, this is the plan! My parents said I should have a hobby, well this is it.

10. That awful moment when the show is over and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

Cast Interviews are your only option. Also the Cliffhangers at every end of the season makes me wonder what to do in the next few months.

That even more awful moment when a show takes a year to make a new season.

Valar Morghulis – all men must die (from waiting). Besides I think offices should provide bereavement leaves for the death of favorite characters on TV shows. Still not over you Dear John Snow…

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hoopla Fun with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Un...

The Fest with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Hoopla Fun with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Un...

Hoopla Fun with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Un...

The Fest with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Shopping with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Shopping with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Dart Game with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Uni...

Registrations with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi...

Shopping with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Registrations with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi...

Shopping with BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi Univ...

Say Thank you to your elder Sister for all these things

If the concept of having a guardian angel exists, your eldest sister would fit the role perfectly. All through your life, the oldest sibling of the house has patiently watched you grow and always had your back when you needed her the most. She’s like your best friend and mentor at the same time – and your life has largely been influenced by her. Give it up for the eldest sister, everyone! She deserves a pat on the back and a big thank you note for all the wonderful things she’s done for you. Here are 5 things you need to sincerely thank her for!

1. Thank you for always being a phone calls away…

The first person you call up when you’re in a major crisis is not your bestie or boyfriend; it’s your eldest sister. You know for a fact that she would leave whatever she’s doing and come to bail you out of trouble. When she’s around, you know that no harm can come your way. Such a rockstar she is!

2. Thank you for constantly motivating me!

She knows you’re no quitter. Even if you hit rock bottom, she’ll be there to help you rise from the ashes like a phoenix! Her precious advice and radiant guidance has helped you morph into the powerful and independent woman you are today.

3. Thank you for saving me from mom and dad’s scolding!

What you’re going through now, she’s already experienced before. No matter how ugly the truth is, she won’t let you bear the brunt of it. She knows what it’s like to be a rebellious teenager, because at one point of time, she was one too.

4. Thank you for letting me borrow your cute accessories

Don’t think she’s forgotten about that precious Bling Station statement necklace she loved so much! She knows it’s lying safely in your cupboard – but she chooses to not make a big deal out of it! She does so because you’re her sister, and if she doesn’t share it with you, who else will she share it with?

5. Thank you for keeping quiet about those dirty little secrets of mine

No matter how dark those secrets are, you know she’ll never pull out that “Mom, you know what?” card on you. On the contrary, she respects your privacy – and in fact, is rather ha  ppy that you opened up to her.

Soak the precious moments in life ladies (YOLO)

Every day is a gift from the universe. There is so much to be grateful for and it is important to count your blessings. There are certain moments in every woman’s life which are worth cherishing. The kind that’s helped shapes her into becoming the woman she is today. Hats off to all of you! Here are 6 things you should cherish in life.

1. When your work is appreciated at office

Hard work always pays off in the long run. While you may not notice it, your colleagues certainly do. Every compliment that comes your way, take it with pride and constantly strive to do better. You are blessed with so much talent and skill – put it to good use, we say!

2. When you ace that eyeliner like a boss!

One of life’s biggest challenges is mastering the art of applying that winged eyeliner! If you nailed it on your first try, then that’s something worth feeling proud of. Good job!

3. When someone tells you that you’ve inspired them

There’s no greater joy than leaving a positive imprint on someone’s life. Influencing them positively in even the smallest way possible will make them remember you for a lifetime. You’ve not only changed them as a person, but have also added meaning to their life. You deserve a pat on your back!

4. When you get the latest fabric bag online at a discount…

You had your eyes set on the latest trendy women fabric bags online sale at Bling Station. When the tab hits the open season on the website you didn’t waste a moment and grabbed that amazing purple Jhola bag from designer women fabric bags online collection.

5. When your cooking skills become as good as mom (or even better!)

There were days when your rotis looked like the map of India! But with practice, patience and love, you’ve finally learnt how to master the art of making perfectly round and delicious ones. Your mom is going to be so proud of you!

6. When you finally accept yourself for whom you really are!

No one is perfect, and it’s about time the world acknowledged that fact. It might be difficult to come to terms with who you are at times, but once you do, there’s nothing like it. The more you get to know yourself, the more self-sufficient you will be as a person. Rock on!

Hoopla Experts at BlingStation at Renaissance, Kirori Mal Collge, Delhi...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

5 Not So Common Collections

What is the one thing that almost every girl wants in her closet? You’ve guessed it – it’s something that makes her stand different in the competition of wardrobe collection! Come summer or winter, we find ourselves never getting enough of our unending hunt for the same… This desire to obtain a versatile piece of fashion can be done as we provide a solution to all your dilemmas. These are super comfy and obviously always trendy products that can make you go from Nay to Yay….

1. Play with Prints

Playing with layers and different prints is every fashionista’s secret to setting trends. Designers do exactly that and a completely fit blazer with some rock solid prints under a plain shirt and pants/shorts/skirt is the best fashion advice of today.

2. Cool casuals

If you’re wearing a loose over-sized top, wearing pants might make your look a little too boxy. Leggings are perfect if you’re wearing a loose top as they balance out the outfit really well. That’s for the outfit advice. Now you have to find that weird thing you are obsessed with and turn it into an over-sized sweatshirt or a top. It is enthralling within celebrities and you have to try it too. I spy a Mickey/Minnie lover.

3. Play with sparkle

Heels come in a variety of different and delicious colors, so why just stick to black? Go for vibrant sparkles that work so well with the hidden party animal inside you. Besides every girl wants something shiny so why not put some sparkles right on your first foot…I mean it literally. Ain’t nobody got time for a dull day, right?

4. Be Eco-Friendly Fashionista 

If you believe that you need to leave the world as a better place than how you found it then you need to pay attention. Jute products are not just into fashion but are also making a mark in Eco-friendly world. You can easily buy Jute clutch online. Websites like BLING STATION have designer jute clutches online store collection which will blow your mind away with awesomeness.

5. Add a burst of *pop*

A sure-shot way to grab attention and not look too bland is by wearing poppy nail paints or adding a neon touch to at least one nail that makes all the difference. A good manicure when teams with a striped top and keeps the look interesting in the whole day to day scenario.