Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Fabulous Bangles under 200 we absolutely LOVE

We all know the power of the right accessory– it can help us look AND feel fabulous! With super-sunny days upon us, it’s time to refresh your fashion collection and bring in the season in style. We give you the best summer bangles in the market right now – and each one is under Rs 200! Go on and flaunt that tan with a dazzling wave and rock your variety of outfits with the dangling super cute bangles online.

1. Metal Mint Green Hoppers Edgers

A girly edgy mint green and white mix metal bangle stack is perfect for adding a pop of cute to anything you wear. Pair it with a pretty sundress or a simple white tee to notch up your summer style.

2. Tangy Red Braids

Give your usual ethnic outfit a refreshing summer twist with dashes of red. It’s a fresh and super delicious looking option for an extra hot day. As red is known up to bring brightness even on the dullest days this is your pick for that chirpy mood.

3. Charmed Perfection

Nothing screams summer better than the charmed bangle bracelet. They’re perfect for adding a punch of pretty to anything you wear without being too bright or OVER THE TOP. Besides they are perfect for the girls who can’t settle between going casual or staying chick.

4. Saucy Yellow

Just ‘coz it’s summer doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to our beloved BEAD trend. A striking shade of yellow is perfect to get pulses racing on a balmy night. Pair it with your favorite summer tank top and turn a few heads in your direction when you bring the summer breeze in the room by your bubbly style.

5. Color me Chocolate

A punchy shade of chocolate is just what you need to refresh your style. It’s the perfect choice to accentuate a summer tan. We love this shade for our Indian tone as well as for our love for chocolate and clothes this season. It goes literally with all of your summer shades and choice of attire. So if you want to Accenture that fashionista title this season you have got to buy one of these from bangles online store.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time at Healing : Life Lesson

Jewelry for women has been categorized in many sections but this short poem describes how jewelry not only helps to heal an aching heart but it also gives the empowerment to deal with the pain. So, you all lovely ladies throw out your wet wipes because next time you have heartbreak you will buy more than just tissues and a bucket of ice cream.

Time at Healing

If the heart really broke every time it fell in love, the world will offer you confetti on your path.

But hearts don't break; they bruise and develop a new layer and start from start

It is not a tragedy it is an emergency, send out a SOS to the world to give us what we love the most.                                                                     
Besides the usual love and care we need something to boast

You can call the jewelers and tell them to make me something that blings the highest shine.                                                                                   
As I am having a fantastic healing time

Nobody can save you from the pain it is inevitable but suffering that is optional so don’t fall into the clutch of despair.                                                                                         
There is nothing called like the perfect despair but you can have the perfect pair of earrings to stop listening to those voices of past and concentrate on the beauty of future with those pair

Strangle yourself with the designer necklace, cut those ankles with some fancy anklets jingles.

Don’t kill yourself with the hatred you are meant to rise like air away from those mingles

There on the sad with your fierce tears nobody can hear out your screams it just echoes back like the ripple I the stream.                                                                                                                    
Shackle your wrists with some bangles shine and step out in the open so the people could see the beauty even in your shrillest screams

Deception is an art owned by woman, you don’t need to shy away from it, and you might be hurting from every inch but like the stilettos be powerful and conceal that pain.                                                                                    

Life may give you blues but can always order scarlet jewelry, Fashion is not about utility it is about expressing the individuality don’t be the weaker one just don’t don’t don’t.

If you are too depressed to walk over to stores but want to take this awesome advice by heart then don’t worry you can shop online at BLING STATION. They sell designer silver jewelry online in India.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ten Things you will relate to if you are a "Fashion Jewelry Online Shopping Maniac"

Have you watched Confessions of a Shopaholic? Yes, the real versions of them exist too. They are everywhere on the e-commerce websites. Not necessarily rich, but extremely good at carting their desired products who make it their life’s mission to avail every bumper discount offer.
Here are a few things you’ll totally relate to if you are one of those…

1. You cannot comprehend any outfit without a matching accessory :

You have to have matching fashion jewelry to go with every outfit. Hence you are always updated with all the designer fashion jewelry online in India.
2. You cannot stop screaming in your head when you see “FRESH ARRIVAL” on websites :

You are a pro at latest fashion jewelry online shopping. You are always lingering around amazing websites like BLING STATION.
3. Your wish list stuff going out of stock is a nightmare to you :

You cannot handle such trauma; hence you mostly shop on pocket friendly websites like Bling Station.
4. It annoys you when somebody complains about all the boxes you collect from the online shopping :

You always end up fighting with space issue with your parents or roommate. But it never once occurred to your mind to shop a little less as what breathing is to everyone online fashion jewelry shopping is to you.

5. Half your Internet data plan is used up because of NON-STOP jewelry surfing :

Your obsession usually makes you spend most of the time on your smart phone or laptop. Whenever somebody tries to have a heart to heart talk to you, you say something stupid and end it up.
6. You are absolutely disgusted by the drama and fights over last piece left in the shop if someone drags you to the mall :

You have forgotten how it works anymore- Walking from shop to shop, trying all the outfits, wasting good energy. You have a judgmental look towards everyone who still believes in them.
7. You feel awkward when you are all fashionable and jeweled up and someone is wearing just a trinket :

You never feel way too much dressed up; it is always the other way round.
8. You fall in love with your phone and can’t stop kissing the screen during Bumper SALE :

9.You have a mini heart attack when you hear someone say they have never tried Online Shopping :

10. You have secretly wished it a 1000 times for somebody to make Online Shopper a job profile :

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Keyring Quota - Flash it with Attitude

Well majority of Indians are still old school. We still believe in keys and we have a key for everything. Literally everything from doors till wardrobe and to the extreme extents of personal diaries we have a key for everything leading it to a bunch of holes. Eventually this huge cluster of keys are lost in some hidden black hole every once in a while leaving us frustrated and irritated. There is no full proof solution to your nasty habit of losing stuff but I have got a simple trick which will help you remember to keep your keys safe from now on.

Put a keyring around your keys. I know it sounds stupid but here is the fun part. You shouldn’t just pick and put about anything you find on a street shop. You need to wrap your keys around something that has a meaning to you. Here are five types of keyrings you could use so that losing them is not an option for you anymore.

1.  Add some sarcastic Humor and flash it with attitude
Those quirky quotes keyrings are so much in fashion. You can get a customized one for yourself or for that dull friend of yours who keeps losing his/her keys. Make it funny so that it becomes a part of your aroma.

Add some sarcastic Humor and flash it with attitude-lost_keys_basic_round_button_key_ring

2.  Make it an Accessory
Here is a cool key keeper the sports world invented. Now you can keep your locker car and room keys in your sweatband. Now isn’t that cool?

Make it an Accessory Keyrings Online Store Shopping India

 3.  Pick that favorite Movie
You know the ones you have watched 100 times over, which is your comfort movie after a break up. Or it could be your favorite’s song line or a dialogue. The world is your oyster.

Pick that favorite movie keyrings Online Shopping india

4.  Map it up
Your home town, your dream destination, your holiday place, your favorite town anything even a photograph that has a special meaning to you will make you hold on to those keys like your life depends upon it. Told you it is just a trick but it could really turn out to be a blessing if followed.

Map it up-Golden-Eiffel-Tower-Design-Bling-Crystals-Rhinestone-Women-Handbag-Purse-Charm-Key-Chain-Keyring-Holder

5.  Zodiac Signs
It is for the fate believers and also a tricky way to pick up a date. When you see a scorpion keyring with someone you know what your conversation starter would be. So what are you waiting for now?

Zodiac Signs Keyring Online Shopping Store

You can get more designer keyrings online in India on BLING STATION. So go ahead and do your latest keyring shopping now.

Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Buy Jewelry Online

Shopping online is the new hysteria hovering over the world. It saves money, time and energy. Online vendors have lower overhead costs than retailers which lower the prices, which mean you can frequently buy jewelry online at bumper discounts as compared to what you would spend in an offline store. However, it is important to be careful when shopping for fashion jewelry online to protect both your purchase and your financial information. 

Things to keep in mind :-

  1. Make a list of the items you intend to purchase and search for latest new arrivals jewelry online shopping of those items. You don’t want to get stuck with an outdated pair of earrings.
  2. Set your budget and then search for good online discounts available on your selected items. Websites like BLING STATION keep offering mouth watering discounts even on new arrivals jewelry online in India.
  3. You should be sure about your measurements before buying any size specific jewelry.
  4. Research the website thoroughly before making a purchase. Enquire about all the terms and conditions before, especially the exchange and return policy.
  5. Make sure there is a customer service helpline available and also it is working. You don’t want to fall like a black bee in milk.
  6. Ask about WARRANTIES. Yes, they are very important. You don’t want to spend a good sum of money over something that blackens overnight.
  7. Read customer reviews, they have a lot to tell about the quality of product. Plus you will find out if the website has forged the review and it is actually hustling the customers.
  8. Be COUPON ready. Yes many websites offer even more discounts if you have the needed tools. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? To visit such website browse onto BLING STATION.
  9. Make secure purchase. Be alert of all the information you are filling out and there is nothing like too careful when it comes to monetary terms. Remember not just your body but your wallet too demands green.
  10. Check your bank statement after making the purchase to be completely sure about it.
  11. Last but not the least put out the right shipping address. Also, make sure you are not paying extra vagrantly for shipping because websites like BLING STATION have really cool shipping options.
So don’t wait anymore, follow the bullets and let your wardrobe shine like new Miley Cyrus album. Happy Shopping!!

Signature Accessory - Know Your Jewellery

Bollywood movies have given us a lot of things. They gave us the undying hope of finding romance on vacation trips, songs for every and I mean every situation, courage at some points and of course some evergreen dialogues. Most of all Bollywood movies gave us fashion trends of outfits and accessories. From Salman Khan to Madhuri Dixit we grew up watching them wear a signature accessory and that’s when Indian youth became obsessed with them. So if you are of them who the woman who wants to own something as chick as Madhuri but are confused what will fit into your everyday routine we have got five different accessories for you to pick from. 

1. Cosmo Bead Earrings : If you swing on both the world of western and Indian then this is a good choice for you. Beads play perfectly well for both groups and picking out a Cosmo design in those can be your signature accessory which you have been looking for.

2. Metal Bangles Set : Bangles are the friends of feminine outfit world. If you are the resident of long skirts, maxi gowns and ethnical wardrobe world then you have found the perfect stylish and elegant signature accessory.

3. Oxidized Rings : Anything and everything and everyone are fit for this item. If you like to wear accessory, if you are more on the subtle side whether you wear Indian or casual or anything at all “Oxidized Ring” is the perfect signature accessory. It is subtle and it shows too little do-over but fits perfectly into the daily wear list.

4. Cuffs : Cuffs are the front line accessory item. They are like a wedded bride which are new to the house but are meant to stay forever. They almost go with anything if chosen correctly by the color schematics of the outfits. If you are more on the bright curve you should opt for something golden while silver sides more with earth colors.

5. Classic Necklace with Pendant : New is silver but old is gold. As is the case with pendants they are meant to be an all favorite for a signature accessory. So if you don’t want to get into all the hustle and bustle of matching your outfits with your signature accessory this is your ultimate option.

We hope you have decided upon your next shopping item by now.

PS- these amazing pictures are from Bling Station. It is an online shopping hub for designer cuffs online in India, latest cuffs online in India and other accessories. 

Five Things You will Relate to if You have a Weakness For Handbags

Modern age’s fastest growing baby is the Fashion Industry. It has touched all parts of the world and it brings out latest trends four times a year. Handbags are the most desired and useful product of fashion industry. It has also turned into passion for some women. Its addiction is funny and tempting for all the good reasons. Five things every person who believes in latest women bags online shopping goes through.

1.  When someone gifts you a handbag on a festive occasion or on your birthday. You can’t help but dance out the celebration. The happiness is clear on your face and the gift automatically becomes one of your treasured objects.

2.  The moment you realize that the bag you had your eyes on from months is on BUMPER SALE. Your laptop or Smartphone feels like heaven and your fingers swipe faster than ever. Shopping tip: To buy Designer Women Bags Online in India always on mind boggling price browse onto BLING STATION.

3.  No woman ever said that she has enough handbags and no man believes that you need to buy more than one. This one goes out for all the men who are tired of hearing I need some extra budget for that precious bag I have my eyes on. We understand you too and your credit card bills.

4.  There is no bigger pain than being deceived during the online transaction. What appears like Hritik Roshan on screen can turn out to be Neil Nitin Mukesh in reality. And things get beyond tolerance when the customer care executive tells you they have no return policy on that product you are like 

PS- Protect yourself from such pain and shop only on reliable websites like BLING STATION. They deliver what they promise and have easy return and exchange policy.

5.  Three golden rules with woman: Never ask her, her actual age, never tell her to be quick when she change and never ever ever ask her if you can borrow her expensive designer handbag for a night. You will never be pleased with the answer. A woman can share her bedroom but not her precious accessories because well they are dearest to them. 

No need to feel guilty after this reality checks all the ladies because men have their own binge areas. Love your handbags and stay the same. Happy shopping!!!  

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reasons to use Jute Products this year

latest women jute bags online shopping store india

1.  First and foremost reason is that it is ECO-FRIENDLY. Yes, you really should ditch those plastics now and start using cool and super cute jute bags. They don’t die easy when you are stuffing your world into them and as I said before they look super cute.  For latest women jute bags online shopping browse onto BLING STATION.
2.  Jute as a fiber is also used to manufacture other products like jute bags, jute carpets, jute rugs, jute stationery, jute furniture, jute crafts etc. All these products are reusable and recyclable after they have served their purpose.
3.  Save your darling wallet from the burden of heavy payment. Jute products are way cheap and have a long life. Indians go at extreme levels just to save pennies; here you are saving mother earth too
designer women jute bags online shopping store india

4.  If you are looking to do some charity or some goodwill work here is your painless chance. We all know your excuses for ditching to help someone by saying you have no time and money. Well you can shop from websites like BLING STATION and buy cheap yet sustainable, cute and stylish jute products. Jute business is done by urban poor people as it has really low start capital. By buying these products you will be helping less privileged by almost doing no hard work.
5.  Even if you decide to throw away the product after it is torn from both ends and has supported you a long time. Jute is a biodegradable. The list just keeps getting better and better.
latest women jute bags online shopping store india

6.  Everything is easier wished than implemented. We all want a clean India, pollution free India, and Developed India. But we are so busy with our own hustle and bustle that the wish is only a wish. If you can’t swap all your home products to India Made then the least you can do is buy a handbag which is not plastic. You also don’t have to wander for them just tip over to BLING STATION an online website which deals in designer women jute bags online in India. 

Apart from above described products these natural fibers are also shaped in mesmerizing range of cushion covers, table-mats, table covers, tea cozies, wall hangings etc. Make good to your home and country this year. Use jute and be the change you want to see in the world.