Wednesday, January 20, 2016

One Stop Shop to Buy Designer Clutches Online

“Thank god!!” said the shoulders when clutch bags came into style. We women have the tendency to carry our little world wherever we go. That novel if we ever get a not so crowded train on the way to work, that little perfume bottle for the day, a bottle of water, yes of course, an iPod, a power bank, headphones, lipsticks, mascara (for those evening plans after work), extra tampons and what not. We always want to be prepared. Sadly we do not realize how carrying all these things everyday damage our shoulders and handbags too.

 Clutch bags are to the point. If you are going out dancing with your friends, then you can carry a few makeup things that you need and not your entire vanity box, a few gums, and wet wipes and you are done. Clutch bags are practical because had you been carrying an oversize tote or a hand purse, you would have again stuffed your entire world into it. Clutch bags should be such that should fit the environment and the occasion. A jute clutch to a dressy event and a stone studded clutch bag for work is completely wrong. Choose your clutch bag according to the mood and vibe of the place. If the long working hours have exhausted you and drained you out and shopping no longer sounds fun, then you should opt for shopping from online stores. If you want to shop for designer clutches online in India, then BlingStation is the solution where you can shop for fashion clutches, jute clutches and beaded clutches. Heavy stone studded in a brocade beaded clutch is perfect for Indian weddings. Indian weddings are all about the bling, aren’t they?

 If you are like me and jute is your favorite, then a jute clutch is like a prized possession. When you are shopping for your clutch then make sure you do not keep the design your first priority. Do not end up buying a clutch just because it has a cute little bow and was pretty and nothing close to being practical. Make sure it has enough storage so that you can carry your daily utilities in it. has the best fabric clutches and designer fashion clutches that you can enjoy latest clutches online shopping just at the comfort of your own couch or bed or kitchen table, literally anywhere what suits you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How to Style Pendants ?

Do you know that necklines play a major role in selecting the shape of your pendant? Get to know what shape pendant would look good with your outfit.

Pendants are one of the understated jewelry pieces that a well chosen pendant can take any outfit a notch up. Pendants should enhance the wearer’s look not overwhelm it. How should you choose your pendant? One should choose the pendant shape according to the neckline of your outfit. I have listed a few of the necklines according to which you can choose the shape of your pendant.

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1.   Scoop Neckline - Scoop necklines are the most versatile. Pendants in any shape look good on scoop necks. A solid black colored outfit or a neutral scoop neck tee shirt is perfect to sport pendants. Tear drop pendants are the most popular among women. However if you swear by edgy and bold designs then you can wear look for offbeat fashion pendants. One such interesting pendants online store is Blingstation. You can find a variety of designer pendants on

2.   V Neckline - With V necklines, V shaped pendants look the best. Pendant necklaces that end right where the neckline of your outfit starts, should be avoided. This is because they tend to go inside your top and defeat the whole purpose of wearing a pendant and fixing it every now and then would frustrate you.

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3.    Square Neckline - Since square necklines attract a lot of attention, you should make sure that it is worthwhile. When wearing square necklines, you should look for angular pendants. Geometric shaped pendants look the best with square necked outfits.

4.    Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks are the limited. Only a long pendant necklace looks best on turtlenecks.

When you are shopping for pendants online make sure you buy according to the occasion and the age. Yes, age plays a major factor here. A heart shaped pendant covered in bling would look inappropriate for adults. However, a teddy or a kitty pendant with glitter all over would be perfect for a seven year old. Do keep in mind, what vibe do you want your whole ensemble to exude? Are you heading out to a dinner with your boss and a few clients or to a music festival with friends over the weekend? For a formal event, you can go for a pendant in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and the list goes on. Avoid pendants in jarring colors. Or if you want to give a bohemian twist, then you can wear a pendant with synthetic or even real feathers. Hope this post helped.