Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jewelry Trends for Winter: Metal Jewelry

Winter wardrobe mainly consists of the dark hued clothes, what else can look better with them than our dear metallic tones. Metal jewelry shines bright and really stands out against dark tones. The options are plenty when it comes to metal jewelry, oxidized cuffs and collars being my favorite. You can slip on a cuff over your full sleeved sweatshirt and it provides just the right amount of edge to your look.

Following are some forms of metal jewelry you can wear to add glamour to your winter wear:

Metal Collars: These are great to wear with all your turtleneck sweaters and tops. The solid gold and silver ones look great against blacks and grays. They will also look good with the oxblood tone, which is a huge trend this season.

Chain Link Necklaces: Link necklaces have been a huge trend for about a year now. They are now gradually making their way towards the winter trends.They give an instant biker-chic appeal to your look and give your outfit an edgy, power dressing feel.

Ear Cuffs: Ear cuffs lend an instant glamour to your look. Tie your hair in a ponytail and a bun fir maximum effect. Also, keep the ear cuff limited to one ear to keep the look chic and understated.
If you do not have an idea about where to buy good metal jewelry, you can best places to buy designer jewelry online. Buying anything online allows you find everything trendy without leaving the comfort of your home.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What to wear with Statement Necklaces?

We have already seen a lot of statement necklaces doing the rounds this year. Be it celebrities or fashion enthusiasts, we see a lot of slender necks adorning the statement necklace. While, styling a statement necklace can be as easy as a breeze, the novices may find it challenging. A quick tip would be to keep a good balance between your outfit and the accessories. If you’re going overboard with the accessories, keep the outfit simple and vice-a-versa.
Following are some simple and quick tips to keep in mind while creating outfits around statement necklaces:

  • Go for solid tones. Want your statement necklace to do the talking? Keep the outfit, especially the upper half, simple to let the necklace be the focus. It also helps in creating a mono focus outfit which makes it easy on the eye yet chic. 
  • Keep the other accessories understated. Avoid wearing other statement making pieces with your statement necklace. For example, skip the earring when wearing a chunky necklace, it looks really awkward and out of place, opt for simple studs if you want to wear the earrings. 
  • Don’t create competition for the necklace. You want to wear your vibrant floral top? Avoid wearing a statement necklace, as the necklace will compete for attention with the top and will really bring down the whole look. Opt for a subtle print, instead.
You can buy trendy statement necklaces from various online jewelry shopping store. Online shopping has made buying trendy things a lot easier and more convenient.

Monday, October 21, 2013

What to wear with Cocktail Rings?

Jewellery Jewelry Online Store India

Rings are no more the most ignored piece of Jewelry. Rings have gradually taken the center stage and become of-the-moment accessory. Cocktail rings are a huge rage this season as well. A cocktail ring typically features a huge center stone surrounded by smaller stones. You can buy cocktail rings in fine jewelry or buy the more affordable fashion jewelry versions. A lot of stores sell discount Women Fashion Jewelry Online Store, they’re always a good place to buy unique and affordable jewelry.
While, a cocktail ring is a small piece of jewelry but it surely needs the right styling for maximum effect. Following are some tips that might help you wear the cocktail ring in a better way:
  • If you’re wearing a cocktail ring, wear an understated bracelet or you can skip it all together to let the ring be the focus of your beautiful hand. Also, avoid wearing other rings.
  • Do not match the cocktail ring to your outfit. Wear the ring against contrasting colors for it to really stand out against your outfit.
  • An interesting option would be to wear a complementing nail paint on your nails, it will add a visual appeal to the whole cocktail ring look.
  • Cocktail rings look great when paired with cocktail dresses. Pair it with a solid toned dress to accent the grace of your look.
Let that vibrant stone sparkle on your finger as you hold onto a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

Friday, October 18, 2013

How to wear Fashion Bracelets?

Bracelets can be fun, simple and exciting. They have graced the slender wrists of women for ages. They’re all about adding that glam factor. Wear it one at a time or wear a stack full of these bracelets; wear a wide cuff, or pick one filled with trinkets, they give your style a personality. They are a great choice since they give the look of a bangle stack but are much more comfortable and versatile. From tough and sturdy to girly and glam, there’s a bracelet for everyone.

When it comes to bracelets, Best bracelets online store your options are endless. So much can be done with these bracelets. Following are some points to keep in mind while styling bracelets:
  • Stacked bracelets, especially the mixed tone ones with various sizes, add a worldly spin to your style. Add a watch to the mix to take the look one notch up. The watch makes the look chic and sophisticated.
  • Don’t forget to roll up for your sleeves or wear shorter sleeves when wearing multiple bracelets, let your arm candy do the talking.
  • One wide cuff or an arm full of stack bracelets makes an impression. So, try to keep all the other jewelry understated.
  • If you're not comfortable with mixing colors, start with a few pieces in similar color. You can also opt for a black and white stack that goes well with most of the colors.
  • Once you’re comfortable with monotone stacks, experiment with mixing colors and metal tones, mix gold and silver, mix bangles and bracelets.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to buy Bohemian Bracelets?

Embrace your free spirited self with Best Jewellery Website for Online shopping. The bohemian look is usually marked by long skirts and free flowing airy tops. While building a bohemian wardrobe is a never ending task, you can start with buying some fascinating Bohemian bracelets. Bracelets available in earthy tones and textures can be called bohemian. They are perfect to add a bohemian feel to your look.

Now that you know what bohemian exactly are, you also need to know how to distinguish them from other bracelets. Following is a list of some of the bohemian bracelets:

  • Cloth bracelets: Wrap bracelets that are made of cloth are one of the most popular Bohemian style bracelets. Cloth bracelet is a Bohemian way of embracing the materials and colors present around you. To try this style for yourself you can buy a cuff bracelet that is decorated with colorful fabric. Also, layering a few cloth bracelets, that are braided, on one wrist creates an eye-popping texture.

  • Recycled bracelets: Bohemians usually live an eco-friendly life, they enrich their lives with the beauty found in their environment. Bracelets that are made of recycled materials like glass, paper, and foil are a fabulous option if you are looking to update your wardrobe while respecting nature. Other recycled stuff like steel, rocks, shells and leather also make fun embellishments for Bohemian jewelry.

  • Handmade bracelets: Buying from Online Jewelry Shopping Store is a great way to support local artists. Handcrafted jewelry is also very unique as each piece that is made by the hand is different.
You can find exquisite bohemian bracelets at various online shopping stores.